PT. Cipta Aneka Air

pt cipta aneka air

Plastics Industries

Highly controlled heat is required in plastic extrusion process. Plastic granules, sometimes referred to as resin, needs to heated to a specific temperature over time so that the molten material can withstand certain tolerances once formed and cooled. Your Clarity Representative is trained to be able to address your facility’s specific demands for cooling and heating. We know how to keep productivity high and costs low.

Cooling towers play a large role in the cooling system of your plastics manufacturing facility, linking into your facility cooling systems and often playing a role in your plastic chilling. Because of the role cooling towers play in your facility, ensuring the proper functioning of your cooling towers is essential.

Unfortunately, improper cooling tower maintenance can result in both functional and biological hazards for your facility and its operations. Concentrated mineral content and improper system treatment can cause the system to form scale in systems with harder water. Cooling towers can also quickly breed biological contaminants like Legionella if the conditions are right.

The ramifications of such problems can be anything from slowed systems to a microbial outbreak, both of which hurt the operations of your plastics manufacturing business.

Chardon is the best resource available for reliable cooling tower for plastic manufacturing facilities. Our highly trained and experienced water treatment technicians are certified to ISO standards and have the knowledge and expertise needed to develop a custom plan for your system.

Whether your concern is scale, corrosion or biological growth, Chardon can identify the problem and help your organization implement solutions that will eliminate future problems.

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