PT. Cipta Aneka Air

pt cipta aneka air

Softener Filter

CAA Softener use the proven technique of ion-exchange for producing treated water with low residual hardness. A strongly acidic cation exchanger in sodium form is used to exchange sodium ions for calcium and magnesium , the hardness forming ions, producing soft water suitable for the industry. The resins are regenerated with sodium chloride at the end of each cycle. 

Features :  

  1. Consistent treated water quality.
  2. Longer opertaing cycles.
  3. lower regeneration cost.
  4. Simple to install and operate.

Softener Filter ion exchange technology, and separate the molecular ion of a compound based on the difference value of the surface charge anatar compound, which utilizes resin granules media and create a balance to the ion contained in water. CAA Has a resin media best to ensure and create perfect water quality.

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